What We DO

From our diverse portfolio, we supply the metals and minerals that help the world to grow.


Our mining operations are located in north, center and south of Peru, areas especially advantageous for mining due to its geological characteristics, its proximity to Lima and several main ports of Peru. and to the water, energy and workforce supply.

Our main production is Copper, Silver, Zinc and Gold Lead.




Dux Mining sells and markets high-quality products worldwide. The minerals and metals we supply – mostly to industrial companies that process them further – are the building blocks of value-added goods. Dux Mining diverse portfolio allows us to respond throughout customers from froreigns countries in order to economic development cycles, in many industries.

Dux Mining marketing teams work with the operations to align resource management with market needs and to make sure Dux Mining improves products and services in a way that maximises value to customers.


Dux Mining

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